Historical Perspective: Joan A. Lamb’s Contribution as a World War II Musician and Educator

 History is only as accurate as it is portrayed.  What historical knowledge scholars, educators, and the general public acquire is essentially based on a reservoir of facts and interpretations that have been arranged in chronological order by past historians.  Unfortunately, this string of events that we call “history” has some major gaps that have not... Continue Reading →

Gladys Kirksmith, rediscovered

There is a certain sense of hopefulness that I bring with me every time I check my mailbox.  Maybe it's because I'm far from home and living by myself that I hope for that connection.  I find myself wondering, "Will that care package my mom mentioned arrive today? What's next on my Netflix list? Will... Continue Reading →

Listening to Brass

I am going to take a quick break from focusing on the ladies in brass to provide an outline for today's listening class.  Visit the links for more information.  Enjoy! 1. Osteoblast, Derek Bourgeois•    For 8 trombones•    From New Trombone Collective’s CD New•    Commissioned by New Trombone Collective•    NTC website2.  Brass Quintet No. 3 in... Continue Reading →

Abbie Conant: Behind the Screen

  In 1980, Abbie Conant auditioned for the Munich Philharmonic behind a screen.  The orchestra voted for her appointment to the principal solo position, though the conductor, Celibidache, was opposed.  Celibidache ordered that she play a "probationary year", in which any complaints to her playing could be recorded. No complaints were recorded, but he did... Continue Reading →

Ladies Brass Band with a Mission!

Boobs and Brass is an all womens brass band from Northamptonshire, England.  They formed in 2006 to help raise money for breast cancer charities. They had a great success for their first concert raising 5,000 pounds.  Since then, they have raised over 53,600 pounds for breast cancer charities!  They are hard to miss since they... Continue Reading →

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