Listening to Brass

I am going to take a quick break from focusing on the ladies in brass to provide an outline for today’s listening class.  Visit the links for more information.  Enjoy!

1. Osteoblast, Derek Bourgeois

•    For 8 trombones
•    From New Trombone Collective’s CD New
•    Commissioned by New Trombone Collective
•    NTC website

2.  Brass Quintet No. 3 in D-flat Major, Viktor Ewald

            I. Allegro Moderato
            II. Intermezzo
            III. Andante
            IV. Vivo

•    From Center City Brass Quintet’s CD Romantic Music for Brass
•    Members of CCBQ: Anthony DiLorenzo, Geoffrey Hardcastle, Richard King, Steve Witser (recently deceased), and Craig Knox
•    CCBQ website
•    Ewald was born in St. Petersburg in 1860 (died in Leningrad in 1935)
•    Ewald was thought to be the first person to have written for brass quintet, but later research shows that that is not true.
•    Ewald’s compositions stress virtuosity, which was made possible by the progress made in brass instrument construction.

3.  Jesus Is Coming, Jacob ter Velduis

•    For trombone quartet and boombox (a.k.a. “ghettoblaster”)
•    From New Trombone Collective’s CD New
•    Jacob TV is a Dutch ‘avant pop’ composer who studied composition and electronic music at he Groningen Conservatory.
•    TV uses sound bytes from everyday life as well as other recordings in his music
•    Jesus Is Coming uses recorded bits from street evangelists in NYC
•    Jacbo TV’s website

4. I’ll Fly Away, gospel hymn

•    From the Dirty Dozen Brass band’s CD  Funeral For A Friend
•    The DDB is a New Orleans, Louisiana style brass band with a hint of funk and bebop
•    Ensemble was established in 1977 by Benny Jones- they are still touring and recording today
•    Funeral for a Friend seeks to preserve the New Orleans style jazz funeral
•    The Davell Crawford Singers are featured on this track and album
•    DDB’s website

5. Canzona for 8 Trombones, Walter Hartley

•    Video features Colin Williams, Bill Thomas, Mark McConnell, Bradley Palmer, Jim Cumisky, Tom Gibson, Jeff Koonce and George Curran 
•    Recorded live in Legacy Hall in Columbus, GA.
•    video link

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