TubaCor Interview: Choosing Repertoire

JD: What are your thoughts on performing “audience pleasing” repertoire and more serious works?  Are there any composers in particular that you feel are capable of pleasing a general audience and that satisfy your expectations as a serious brass musician?LF: The Vivaldi Two Trumpet Concerto and the Brahms Duets that we performed is the first... Continue Reading →

Interview with Lin Foulk

In a previous post, I wrote about my experience hearing Lin Foulk's lecture on women in music.  What I did not mention then was that she and her colleague Deanna Swoboda presented a concert as well. They each played solo works for horn and tuba as well as duets as TubaCor.  After the concert there... Continue Reading →

Carol Jantsch

I had the pleasure of hearing Carol Jantsch (principal tuba of the Philadelphia Orchestra) perform last semester at the University of Iowa.  Carol definitely breaks the mold of society's image of the typical tuba player.  She won her position in the Philadelphia orchestra in 2006 when she was a senior at the University of Michigan,... Continue Reading →

Music With the Hormel Girls

In a previous post I alluded to the Hormel Girls-- an all-female orchestra established after WWII to give female veterans work and advertise Hormel meat products.  This method of advertisement appeared on the radio, and the group also toured. After visiting the Hormel website, I found this great Christmas radio broadcast c.1950. Enjoy, bon appetite!

Helen May Butler’s Ladies Brass Band

As I was doing the reading for my music history class, I came across something that made me look up, point my finger and say, "blog topic!" This is what I read in Grout (7th edition) p. 767:The tradition of military and amateur wind bands remained strong across Europe and North America.  In the United... Continue Reading →

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