TubaCor Interview: Vision, Commissioning New Works, IWBC

JD: What is your vision for TubaCor?

LF: The ensemble is dedicated to expanding the repertoire for tuba and horn by performing and recording newly commissioned as well as existing works.  TubaCor is particularly interested in commissioning works by female composers and is proud to serve as a role model for younger female brass musicians.

JD: How do you go about commissioning new works for horn and tuba?

LF: At this point we are asking colleagues and composers we have met in conferences to write for us.  We ask people whose music we like and who write well for horn and tuba.  An example is that we both recorded a solo by Canadian composer Elizabeth Raum on our respective solo CDs, so we both knew her.  So when we connected with the host of the Int’l Women’s Brass Conference, which will be in Toronto next June, a fortunate turn of events allowed Raum to create a new piece for us that we will premiere in Toronto.

JD: Describe your involvement in the International Women’s Brass Conference.  Do you have any thoughts on this year’s conference in Toronto?

LF: I’m a board member for IWBC and the Board meets through conference call every couple of months.  We’ve been mostly discussing details of the Toronto Conference this past year.  I’m excited about the Conference being in Toronto—it’s the first time it’s been out of the U.S., so this is important for IWBC.  Joan Watson, the host of the Toronto Conference, is a very highly respected horn player and I’m sure it will be a great event.

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