Council on the Status of Women

I am excited to share that I will be serving as a graduate student member on the Council on the Status of Women at the University of Iowa next year! Check out the official website to learn more about this group and the work they do.

Low Trio Performing at IWBC 2012

  So, it's official! Low Trio will be performing at the International Women's Brass Conference in Kalamazoo this summer. We will be performing on Saturday, June 9 at 1:30. Here's a link to the tentative schedule of the conference. We're not certain what we will play because we are waiting for the finishing touches on... Continue Reading →

The “Voice” of the Trombone

As trombonists, we often have to tap into repertories of other instruments in search of literature. Don't get me wrong-- I love trombone specific literature-- there's so much wonderful music out there, but I find it fun and challenging to branch out a bit.  Perhaps one of the most extensive repertories available is vocal music.... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012, everyone! Sorry for the delay... Well, it's a new year, so I decided to update the look of my blog/website. I apologize for my lack of posts-- I'm still trying to figure out Word Press and how to organize my new site. New Year's resolution #1 Update blog/site at least once a week... Continue Reading →

Dr. Jill Sullivan’s New Book!

I have found Dr. Sullivan's research on the contributions of women's military bands during WWII to be extremely insightful and helpful in bringing to light a subject that has remained untouched for quite some time. Dr. Sullivan left a comment on this blog recommending her new book, released September of this year, to you, faithful... Continue Reading →


The fall concert series for iHearIC has already begun.  I am excited to say that Low Trio will be performing at the next concert!Low Trio consists of me on trombone, Dan Spencer on horn, and Kate Wohlman on tuba.  We will be performing John Stevens' Triangles.  The concert will be on October 3, 2011 beginning... Continue Reading →

Women in the Orchestra

In the jazz world, much of the discrimination against women was discrete—much went unsaid, and many women, even those with great talent, were simply ignored.  The orchestral scene was a bit more overt about discrimination towards women.  Perhaps it was America’s long-standing traditions with European orchestral models that prolonged this discrimination, but it wasn’t until... Continue Reading →

All-women Jazz Groups: novelty or necessity?

Just as all-women groups were popular in the military band tradition, so were all-women vaudeville and jazz groups.  Both black and white all-women groups formed as a result of the difficulties women had joining well-established male ensembles.  These all-women “girl bands” were actually quite popular in the 1920s and 1930s, but unfortunately much of their... Continue Reading →

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