Moving Forward

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the subject of my last post. I have spent an inordinate amount of time and energy thinking and worrying about this issue and how it directly relates to myself. And what do I think and worry about?Mostly, I feel sad. While I think... Continue Reading →

Break the Silence

In my last post, I said that I had learned so much this year.  It's true, and I feel that I now have something to offer my fellow musicians, colleagues, and professors. When I began this blog, it was a class project (thanks Professor Manning!).  I had not really given  much thought to how I... Continue Reading →

Finally, an update!

Well it appears that I have been quite silent these past few (ok, more than a few) months.  My only excuse is my crazy schedule.  I have been so busy teaching, attending class, practicing, rehearsing-- the list goes on.  This year has been great, and I've learned so much from my students, my own professor... Continue Reading →

A Brief Guide to Smarter Practicing

After learning about Colin's experience, I decided that the most effective way to practice is to be: mindful organized  efficient healthy Mindful practice means always having a goal or point to your practice sessions. Always think musically, even in your warmup. Mindful practicing also involves keeping an active and focused mind that stays present for... Continue Reading →

A Brief Break

To those of you nice people out there in blog land who follow this blog, I apologize for being so lax! I had the best intentions in June while at the STS to update Ladies in Brass, but that whole week was much busier than I could have imagined, and the rest of my summer... Continue Reading →

Southeast Trombone Symposium

Greetings from Columbus, Georgia! I am participating in the Southeast Trombone Symposium at Columbus State University, hosted by my former professor Dr. Brad Palmer. It's been a great week so far--I have met some really great trombonists, played in quartets and octets, attended masterclasses, and heard outstanding faculty recitals. Tomorrow is the solo competition, which... Continue Reading →

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