Nana by Manuel de Falla

One of my ongoing projects is to perform works with percussion. My soon-to-be husband Chris Butler is a percussionist, so we figured we should start playing more pieces together. When I attended the 2011 International Trombone Conference in Nashville, I heard Brandt Attema perform de Falla’s Nana with harp. It was hauntingly beautiful, and I knew that I wanted to perform this on my next recital. Chris recently purchased a vibraphone, and we really enjoyed performing this piece together.

Nana is the fifth song in de Falla’s larger work  Siete Canciones popolares Españolas.  I looked at the other songs in this collection, but Nana was definitely the most trombone friendly.  In arranging this for trombone and vibes, we made some changes from the original.  In order to comfortably take a section up the octave, I had to lower the entire piece by a third– much more doable towards the end of a recital! Feel free to request a pdf of this arrangement– I would be happy to give you one!