Andante et Allegro by J.E. Barat — performed by Jessica Butler and Joseph McKinley

Barat’s Andante et Allegro is a very accessible work for trombonists of all ages. I love the beautiful turns and lyricism of the first movement and the excitement that the second movement brings. This work allows the trombonist to balance expression and technique, explore alternate positions, utilize many natural slurs, and practice navigating through partials in a single position with grace. I ended up programming this piece at the end of my recital due to its relative brevity and exciting ending. As with any recital performance, one has to consider endurance. For me, this has always been a struggle. I was able to comfortably perform by focusing on my relaxation: steady breathing, poise, minimal extraneous movements, taking advantage of rests to actually rest, etc. I actually wrote “RELAX” and “MINIMAL MOVEMENT” in all caps at the top of my music. I also made sure that I felt completely comfortable with all the technical passages and coordination with my accompanist by preparing and practicing to my best abilities. I really tried to take the opportunity with this piece to express myself musically and enjoy the art and experience of performing. I hope you enjoy Barat’s Andante et Allegro! Thanks to Joseph McKinley for accompanying me on this lovely piece!

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